This is what our life in community is like.


You have the time and skills we need.  Canvassing, sign distribution, community bbqs,  
flyer distribution, fundraising and more!

The People’s Party of Canada is
YOUR Party.

We can’t do it without YOU!


In 28 years of service as an
RCMP Officer, I have come to stand on the following principles:

The power of
bold action.

The wise use of Leadership

 The courage and honour of the people of Canada.



Lawn signs campaign offices, websites, telephone lines information pamphlets community bbqs and more.

The People’s Party of Canada is 
YOUR Party.

We can’t do it without YOU! 

Campaign Launch Event

On May 1, 2019, Kingston and The Islands PPC hosted an event with special guest Maxime Bernier.  At the Event, we made history as Andy Brooke became the first declared electoral candidate for the People's Party of Canada. 

An epic moment for sure.