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Andy Brooke Biography

Andy Brooke reflects on the words of John Diefenbaker:  “I don’t campaign.  I just visit with the people.” Andy is friendly, easy to talk to and very approachable. His congeniality allows him to connect with people.

Born in Montreal, Andy spent his formative years near Prescott and here in Kingston. He graduated from LCVI and attended Queen’s, as well as Simon Fraser University, spending summers in the Fort Henry Guard. He then pursued his lifelong ambition to become an RCMP officer. Andy served with distinction, mindful of his place in the lineage of a symbol of Canadian hardiness and persistence.  If you were a drug dealer, member of an outlaw motorcycle gang, or a hostage-taking terrorist, Andy was your nemesis.

Loyalty and duty. The benchmarks of Andy’s character.  Honesty and integrity undergird him.  Unswerving in his ethics, but behind those blue eyes is an iron will. He has demonstrated both in his career and in politics that he is a fighter. Throughout his 28 years in law enforcement, Andy mastered the delicate balance of working on a team in situations where life itself depended on good judgement.

Fortunately, this precision-oriented man on a mission, and a “small-‘c’ conservative”, is now on Maxime Bernier’s team, the People’s Party of Canada.

He is as unflinching in pursuit of his objectives today as he was dogged in his pursuit of criminals.

Andy is also a family man. Father to Jonathan, David, Emily, Hannah and Abigail.  Grandfather to Kaylee, Sarah, Aveah, Addison, Elliot, and Aurora.

Andy Brooke is the kind of rock-solid Member of Parliament we desperately need in Ottawa.

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