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Brooke Storms Back Onto
Kingston Political Scene

April 26, 2019

When Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada (PPC) announced their nominee in Kingston and the Islands for the scheduled October 21, 2019, federal election, it wasn’t a no-name candidate with no profile.

Surprisingly it’s Andy Brooke.

The former RCMP Officer and community advocate who took a run at Mark Garretsen in 2015, but was rebuffed in the landslide that brought Justin Trudeau to 24 Sussex.  Despite the loss, Andy Brooke has remained wholeheartedly engaged since. A well-known and respected personality in Kingston, Brooke responded when the PPC came calling two months ago.  He says he would be a different kind of MP. “It’s too easy for a Member of Parliament to lose peripheral vision.  With the old Party politics, it manifests itself as a ‘keyhole perspective’ – their point of view becomes more and more narrow and limited.  And politicians who look through keyholes are… apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole-shaped.”

For his part, PPC Leader Maxime Bernier and his team have expressed delight that Brooke is their nominee in Kingston and the Islands.  In 2015, Brooke ran as a Conservative and captured nearly 23 percent of the vote.  The PPC believes that is a springboard to victory in the riding in 2019.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Andy as our nominee in a riding in which we intend to be extremely competitive.  We have a growing membership list of people in the riding who want a perspective that is fresh and puts Canada and the local interests ahead of political power,” wrote Mr. Bernier in a message greeting Andy Brooke.

Brooke ran as the Conservative Party candidate in Kingston and the Islands in 2015, but decided to leave the party after he encountered foul play around the local nomination process, and a party that is not offering clear policies.  Bernier parted company with the Conservative party and founded the People’s Party in September 2018.  The PPC is running candidates in all 338 ridings.

“I’m a Sir John A. MacDonald conservative and I have found the true reflection of my beliefs in the People’s Party of Canada,” says Brooke.

Long known as an outspoken advocate for the prison farm, the ranked ballot initiative, and the construction of a third crossing, Andy Brooke is positioned to represent the top issues facing the community.  

“Ottawa and the current MP for Kingston and the Islands, have had a tin ear and a long callous heart for too long. Ottawa’s inability, it’s unwillingness to listen, to hear other perspectives or even see… I think it’s reprehensible.  I have two teen-aged daughters and if you truly listen to young people, our next generation of leaders, they are creating a different kind of argument across a broad number of critically important issues – the growing debt, affordability of housing, the environment – because they are saying that the failure to act at this point is ‘stealing our future away from us’.  It is a powerful and penetratingly profound argument.”  

Brooke adds that unlike 2015 when the CPC party headquarters dictated everything he could say and whom he could debate, this time he will have the freedom to make “made-in-Kingston” campaign decisions.  Brooke added: “I would now use the adjective, ‘I am conservative’. I’ve stopped using the noun ‘a Conservative’.  Adjective and noun, it may sound very nuanced, but it really isn’t.  The distinction is important.”

Distinguished Career

Brooke served 28 years as a Regular Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in both the Contract and Federal Policing environments.  He served in the province of British Columbia, Ottawa HQ, and in Ontario predominantly in Operational Policing spanning General Duty/Community-Based Policing (Uniform Patrol), to General Investigations (Plainclothes).

He accrued 20 years of varying levels of supervisory experience as a Watch Commander, Unit Manager (or “Section i/c”), and with periods serving as an Acting Detachment Commander (Non-Contract Policing) and an Acting Officer in Charge, and was designated as a Major Case Manager.