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Andy Brooke letter of Resignation

My resignation from the Conservative Party of Canada was submitted after more than 5 years of active involvement the party, including being their candidate for Kingston and the Islands in the 2015 federal election.  This letter of resignation elicited no acknowledgement of any other response what so ever. 

As a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada, I felt disposable.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Dear Mr. Dustin van VUGT; Executive Director, Conservative Party of Canada,

“Cc”: Mr. Trevor BAILEY; Director of Membership, Conservative Party of Canada.
Ms. Emily SEABROOK; Executive Coordinator, Conservative Party of Canada

I am submitting my resignation from the Conservative Party of Canada effective immediately, and accordingly, I am requesting that my membership be cancelled.

Since the day I joined the Conservative Party of Canada on 19th of August 2013 [hereafter, “the Party”], I have been honoured to serve my community – the riding of Kingston and the Islands – and as in my previous career as a Regular Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I continued in politics to serve this great country.

Having first spoken with, been inspired by, and taken to heart the good advice of my friend, MP Gordon Keith (“Gord”) BROWN (for Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes), I took my first steps into the world of politics. Gord was regarded as an ‘incredibly decent’ man; he is sorely missed. Since that first conversation, the Conservative Party of Canada became my political home.

It was an honour and a privilege – and, indeed it will remain a cherished lifelong memory – to have been bestowed the opportunity to be the standard bearer of the Party and its traditions as the candidate for Kingston and the Islands in the 2015 Canadian federal election (the 42nd Canadian general election), the riding of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald (Kingston’s “Favourite Son”). I have had no greater honour than to have served alongside some of the most wonderful and fabulous men and women I have ever known on this journey. They have my thanks and my abiding deepest gratitude.

Those who know me understand that I am a man of faith who at all times represented the Party with honour, honesty and integrity. These are values that are not subject to compromise, and I will not and cannot abandon. The decision by the National Council and its NCSC, and the totality of the
circumstances surrounding that decision [italics deliberate], have caused me to lose confidence in the Party. Let me be clear, some principles transcend politics. There are also values that transcend party.

It is with great sadness that I come to this decision.

Andrew (“Andy”) BROOKE

Note to The Honourable Andrew Scheer

At the urging of those who had supported me, I wrote this email message to the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.  I had hoped to draw their attention to the totality of the circumstances surrounding the situation in Kingston and the Islands, in the event that they were not aware.  This note, like the letter of resignation, also elicited no acknowledgement or any other response whatsoever.

The Conservative Party of Canada, did not respect the right of its own memebers to exercise their choice in the selection of the local candidate. The members voice was taken away from them.

So began a new chapter…