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Taking a Stand Against Dividing People A Letter To The Editor

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

The local riding association for the People’s Party of Canada hosted an event here in Kingston on May 1st, featuring the party leader, Maxime Bernier. Among the media covering the event was Global News. In an article entitled “Meet the people drawn to Maxime Bernier’s movement” and posted May 8th, Global Reporter Rachel Browne gave her report on the event. I fully accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in journalism opinions are normally left for the editorial pages, not reported as “news”. Ms. Browne’s account is not a fair representation of the event. The full event is available for viewing on social media (@KingstonPPC).

Her choice of words and phraseology betrays a clear biased slant. There is an effort to associate unsavoury individuals to the PPC, despite the unequivocal rejection of such views by myself, the party and its membership.

Ms. Browne brought up the party’s stance on immigration, and appeared to paint it to appear as xenophobic, leaving out that the party’s stance is essentially the same as that held by both Prime Minister Chretien and Martin’s Liberal governments – a points-based system geared to answering Canada’s overall
economic needs. That was left out of Ms. Browne’s article, despite the fact that a full reference to it was made by Maxime Bernier that evening.

This campaign stands against dividing people, setting group against group and marginalizing individuals. Thrusting individuals or groups into a societal corner – that’s the opposite of a healthily functioning democracy. I will not mince words; such treatment of people is reprehensible to me, my Party, and this community.

It is unfortunate that in a charged atmosphere within this nation, with increasingly divisive politics, that a major media outlet would seek to fuel those flames instead of informing the public in an objective manner. The Canadian public needs their media to be even-handed and well researched. Ms. Browne’s article was neither.

Yours truly,
Andrew Brooke,
Candidate, Kingston and the Islands,
People’s Party of Canada.
This letter to the editor was sent to the Whig Standard and to date has not been printed.